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List of Schools in Erith town, London, UK

Erith School directory

Barnehurst Infant School

Barnehurst Close, London, Erith, DA8 3NL | Mrs Cassandra Malone | +44 1322334401

Barnehurst Junior School

Barnehurst Close, London, Erith, DA8 3NL | Mrs Cassandra Malone | +44 1322334214

Belmont Primary School

Belmont Road, London, Erith, DA8 1LE | Ms Madelaine Caplin | +44 1322432057

Christ Church Erith CofE Primary School

Lesney Park Road, London, Erith, DA8 3DG | Mrs Gillian Ball | +44 1322333780

Erith School

Avenue Road, London, Erith, DA8 3BN | Mrs Stephanie Allen | +44 1322348231

Northumberland Heath Primary School

Wheelock Close, London, Erith, DA8 1JE | Mrs Sarah Gordon | +44 1322334638

Northwood Primary School

Northwood Place, London, Erith, DA18 4HN | Mrs Catherine McNulty | +44 2083102722

Parkway Primary School

Alsike Road, London, Erith, DA18 4DP | Mr Robert Celino-Stock | +44 2083100176

Peareswood Primary School

Peareswood Road, London, Erith, DA8 3PR | Mrs Kerry Smith | +44 1322332379

Slade Green Primary School

Slade Green Road, London, Erith, DA8 2HX | Mrs W Cornford | +44 1322334689

St Fidelis Catholic Primary School

Bexley Road, London, Erith, DA8 3HQ | Mr Mark Hannon | +44 1322337752

St John Fisher Catholic Primary School

Kale Road, London, Erith, DA18 4BA | Miss Sarah Griffin | +44 2083107311

The Business Academy Bexley

Yarnton Way, London, Erith, DA18 4DW | Mark Cleave | +44 2083204800

Woodside School

Colyers Lane, London, Erith, DA8 3PB | Ms Madelaine Caplin | +44 1322350123

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