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List of Schools in Mitcham town, London, UK

Mitcham School directory

Beecholme Primary School

Edgehill Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 2HZ | Mrs Phyllis Sternberg | +44 2086404795

Benedict Primary School

Church Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 3BE | Ms Christine Smith | +44 2086484726

Bond Primary School

Bond Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 3HG | Mrs D Stevens | +44 2086488757

Cranmer Primary School

Cranmer Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 4XU | Ms Wendy Hick | +44 2086482621

Cricket Green School

Lower Green West, London, Mitcham, CR4 3AF | Mrs Celia Dawson | +44 2086401177

Culvers House Primary School

Orchard Avenue, London, Mitcham, CR4 4JH | Miss Bernie Garvey | +44 2082556199

Date Valley School

Mitcham Court, London, Mitcham, CR4 4LB | Ms Naheed Mughal | +44 2086484647

Eagle House School

224 London Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 3HD | Ms Katherine Walker | +44 2086877050

Gorringe Park Primary School

Sandy Lane, London, Mitcham, CR4 2YA | Mr Simon Elledge | +44 2086481451

Harris Academy Merton

Wide Way, London, Mitcham, CR4 1BP | Ms Aisha Samad | +44 2086231000

Harris Primary Academy Merton

Abbotts Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 1JW | Victoria Forbes | +44 2086793707

Haslemere Primary School

Brooklands Court, London, Mitcham, CR4 3PQ | Mrs Charlotte Groom | +44 2086489660


9-11 Commonside East, London, Mitcham, CR4 2QA | Ms S Osman | +44 2086489662

Liberty Primary

Western Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 3EB | Ms Nadine O'Hara | +44 2086465290

Lonesome Primary School

Grove Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 1SD | Mr R Learmont | +44 2086481722

Melrose School

Church Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 3BE | Mrs Carla Chandler | +44 2086462620

RISE Education

Units 1-3, London, Mitcham, CR4 3ED | Joe Kerson | +44 2086652605

St Marks Church of England Academy

Acacia Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 1SF | Ms Lisa Peterkin | +44 2086486627

St Marks Primary School

St Mark's Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 2LF | Mrs Ania Kennedy | +44 2086482339

St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

Cricket Green, London, Mitcham, CR4 4LA | Mr David Hennessey | +44 2086481459

St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

Commonside East, London, Mitcham, CR4 1YG | Mr David Feasey | +44 2086480869

The Sherwood School

Abbotts Road, London, Mitcham, CR4 1JP | Ms Tina Harvey | +44 2087645100

William Morris Primary School

Recreation Way, London, Mitcham, CR4 1PJ | Mrs Nathalie Bull | +44 2087649765

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