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List of Schools in Richmond town, London, UK

Richmond School directory

Broomfield House School

Broomfield Road, London, Richmond, TW9 3HS | Mr N O York | +44 2089403884

Christs Church of England Comprehensive Secondary School

Queens Road, London, Richmond, TW10 6HW | Mrs Helen Dixon | +44 2089406982

Darell Primary and Nursery School

Niton Road, London, Richmond, TW9 4LH | Mrs Karen Bos | +44 2088766721

Grey Court School

Ham Street, London, Richmond, TW10 7HN | Ms Maggie Bailey | +44 2089481173

Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

Carrington Road, London, Richmond, TW10 5AA | Mrs Penny Cox | +44 2089402730

Kew College

24-26 Cumberland Road, London, Richmond, TW9 3HQ | Mrs Marianne Austin | +44 2089402039

Kew Green Preparatory School

Layton House, London, Richmond, TW9 3AF | Mr Jem Peck | +44 2089485999

Kew Riverside Primary School

37 Courtlands Avenue, London, Richmond, TW9 4ES | Mr Darren Norman | +44 2084878437

Kings House School

68 King's Road, London, Richmond, TW10 6ES | Mr Mark Turner | +44 2089401878

Marshgate Primary School

157 Queens Road, London, Richmond, TW10 6HY | Ms Elizabeth Jackson | +44 2083326219

Meadlands Primary School

Broughton Avenue, London, Richmond, TW10 7TS | Mrs Sophie McGeoch | +44 2089409207

St Elizabeths Catholic Primary School

Queen's Road, London, Richmond, TW10 6HN | Mrs Jane Hines | +44 2089403015

St Richards Church of England Primary School

Ashburnham Road, London, Richmond, TW10 7NL | Mrs Carmen Palmer | +44 2089407911

Strathmore School

Meadlands Drive, London, Richmond, TW10 7ED | Mr Ivan Pryce | +44 2089480047

The German School

Douglas House, London, Richmond, TW10 7AH | Mr Christian Nitschke | +44 2089402510

The Old Vicarage School

48 Richmond Hill, London, Richmond, TW10 6QX | Mrs G D Linthwaite | +44 2089400922

The Queens Church of England Primary School

Cumberland Road, London, Richmond, TW9 3HJ | Ms Katie Bentham | +44 2089403580

The Russell Primary School

Petersham Road, London, Richmond, TW10 7AH | Mrs Samantha Leir | +44 2089401446

The Vineyard School

Friars Stile Road, London, Richmond, TW10 6NE | Ms J Pearse | +44 2089480195

Unicorn School

238 Kew Road, London, Richmond, TW9 3JX | Mr Kit Thompson | +44 2089483926

Windham Nursery School

Windham Road, London, Richmond, TW9 2HP | Mrs Sarah Brodie | +44 2088316060

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