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List of Schools in Sidcup town, London, UK

Sidcup School directory

Benedict House Preparatory School

1-5 Victoria Road, London, Sidcup, DA15 7HD | Mr Malcolm Gough | +44 2083007206

Birkbeck Primary School

Alma Road, London, Sidcup, DA14 4ED | Lesley Fisher Pink | +44 2083004161

Blackfen School for Girls

Blackfen Road, London, Sidcup, DA15 9NU | Mr Matthew Brown | +44 2083031887

Burnt Oak Junior School

Burnt Oak Lane, London, Sidcup, DA15 9DA | Mrs Jill Ivil | +44 2083005854

Chatsworth Infant School

Burnt Oak Lane, London, Sidcup, DA15 9DD | Mrs Roslin Owen | +44 2083009295

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

Hurst Road, London, Sidcup, DA15 9AG | Mr Nigel Walker | +44 2083026511

Cleeve Park School

Bexley Lane, London, Sidcup, DA14 4JN | Mrs Jenni Tyler-Maher | +44 2083026418

Days Lane Primary School

Days Lane, London, Sidcup, DA15 8JU | Joanna Ramkissoon | +44 2083001697

Holy Trinity Lamorbey Church of England School

Burnt Oak Lane, London, Sidcup, DA15 9DB | Mr Adam Twyman | +44 2083003613

Hope Community School

167 Rectory Lane, London, Sidcup, DA14 5BU | Dennis Irwin | +44 2032232000

Hurstmere School

Hurst Road, London, Sidcup, DA15 9AW | Mr George Stollery | +44 2083005665

Kemnal Technology College

Sevenoaks Way, London, Sidcup, DA14 5AA | Mrs Jenni Tyler-Maher | +44 2083007112

Longlands Primary School

Woodside Road, London, Sidcup, DA15 7JG | Miss Janice Owen | +44 2083002368

Marlborough School

Marlborough Park Avenue, London, Sidcup, DA15 9DP | Mrs Linda Lee | +44 2083006896

Merton Court School

38 Knoll Road, London, Sidcup, DA14 4QU | Mr D Price | +44 2083002112

Orchard Primary School

Oxford Road, London, Sidcup, DA14 6LW | Mrs Jo-Anne Rowntree | +44 2083004878

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School

Holbeach Gardens, London, Sidcup, DA15 8QW | Mrs D F Edwards | +44 2088504470

Royal Park Primary School

Riverside Road, London, Sidcup, DA14 4PX | Miss L Lynch | +44 2083007646

Sherwood Park Primary School

Sherwood Park Avenue, London, Sidcup, DA15 9JQ | Karen Cromwell | +44 2083036300

St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School

Baugh Road, London, Sidcup, DA14 5ED | Mrs Samantha Gower | +44 2083026029

West Lodge School

36 Station Road, London, Sidcup, DA15 7DU | Mrs Susan Webb | +44 2083002489

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