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List of Schools in Sutton town, London, UK

Sutton School directory

All Saints Benhilton CofE Primary School

All Saints Road, London, Sutton, SM1 3DA | Mrs Justine Whelan-Cox | +44 2086446492

Avenue Primary Academy

Avenue Road, London, Sutton, SM2 6JE | Alexander Clark | +44 2086425138

Brookfield Primary Academy

Ridge Road, London, Sutton, SM3 9LY | Miss Joanne Morley | +44 2086448616

Cheam Fields Primary Academy

Stoughton Avenue, London, Sutton, SM3 8PQ | Mrs Catherine Lester | +44 2086449055

Cheam High School

Chatsworth Road, London, Sutton, SM3 8PW | Ms Rebecca Allott | +44 2086445790

Cheam Park Farm Primary School

Molesey Drive, London, Sutton, SM3 9UU | Mrs Alison Day | +44 2086447415

Devonshire Primary School

Devonshire Avenue, London, Sutton, SM2 5JL | Mr Martin Kearsey | +44 2086431174

Eagle House School Sutton

95 Brighton Road, London, Sutton, SM2 5SJ | Lorraine Slee | +44 2086611419

Glenthorne High School

Sutton Common Road, London, Sutton, SM3 9PS | Mr Stephen Hume | +44 2086446307

Greenshaw High School

Grennell Road, London, Sutton, SM1 3DY | Mr Nick House | +44 2087151001

Homefield Preparatory School

Western Road, London, Sutton, SM1 2TE | Mr John Towers | +44 2086420965

Manor Park Primary School

Greyhound Road, London, Sutton, SM1 4AW | Ms Danielle Scrase | +44 2086420144

Nonsuch High School for Girls

Ewell Road, London, Sutton, SM3 8AB | Ms Amy Cavilla | +44 2083943400

Overton Grange School

36 Stanley Road, London, Sutton, SM2 6TQ | Mr Keith Stride | +44 2082392383

Robin Hood Infants School

Robin Hood Lane, London, Sutton, SM1 2SF | Mrs Janet Allen | +44 2086433688

Robin Hood Junior School

Thorncroft Road, London, Sutton, SM1 1RL | Mrs Elisabeth Broers | +44 2086424292

Seaton House School

67 Banstead Road South, London, Sutton, SM2 5LH | Mrs Debbie Morrison | +44 2086422332

St Cecilias Catholic Primary School

London Road, London, Sutton, SM3 9DL | Mrs C Mayhew | +44 2083374566

St Dunstans Cheam CofE Primary School

Anne Boleyn's Walk, London, Sutton, SM3 8DF | Ms Julia Corby | +44 2086425463

Sutton Grammar School

Manor Lane, London, Sutton, SM1 4AS | Mr G D Ironside | +44 2086423821

Sutton High School

55 Cheam Road, London, Sutton, SM1 2AX | Mrs K Crouch | +44 2086420594

The Limes College

Sutton West Site, London, Sutton, SM1 2SD | Mrs Emma Bradshaw | +44 2086521150

Thomas Wall Nursery School

Robin Hood Lane, London, Sutton, SM1 2SF | Janet Allen | +44 2086425666

Westbourne Primary School

Anton Crescent, London, Sutton, SM1 2NT | Ms K Ritchie | +44 2086448453

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