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List of Schools in Wallington town, London, UK

Wallington School directory

Amy Johnson Primary School

Mollison Drive, London, Wallington, SM6 9JN | Mrs Melanie Elsey | +44 2086693978

Bandon Hill Primary School

Sandy Lane South, London, Wallington, SM6 9QU | Mrs I M Ramsay | +44 2086475377

Beddington Infants School

Croydon Road, London, Wallington, SM6 7LF | Miss Liz Kearney | +44 2086477813

Carew Academy

Church Road, London, Wallington, SM6 7NH | Mr Rob Watkins | +44 2086478349

Collingwood School

3 Springfield Road, London, Wallington, SM6 0BD | Mr Leigh Hardie | +44 2086474607

Foresters Primary School

Redford Avenue, London, Wallington, SM6 9DP | Mr Havard Spring | +44 2086696910

Hackbridge Primary School

Hackbridge Road, London, Wallington, SM6 7AX | Mrs Emma Walford | +44 2086477974

High View Primary School

The Chase, London, Wallington, SM6 8JT | Mrs Elizabeth Brailsford | +44 2086883563

Holy Trinity CofE Junior School

Bute Road, London, Wallington, SM6 8BZ | Mrs Shirley Gruffydd | +44 2086477496

Sherwood Park School

Streeters Lane, London, Wallington, SM6 7NP | Mrs Ann Nanasi | +44 2087739930

St Elpheges RC Infants School

Mollison Drive, London, Wallington, SM6 9HY | Mrs F Hawkes | +44 2086696306

St Elpheges RC Junior School

Mollison Drive, London, Wallington, SM6 9HY | Frances Hawkes | +44 2086696306

Wallington County Grammar School

Croydon Road, London, Wallington, SM6 7PH | Mr Jonathan Wilden | +44 2086472235

Wallington High School for Girls

Woodcote Road, London, Wallington, SM6 0PH | Mr Richard Booth | +44 2086472380

Wilsons School

Mollison Drive, London, Wallington, SM6 9JW | Mr N J Cole | +44 2087732931

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