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List of Schools in Bootle town, North West, UK

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All Saints Catholic Primary School

Chesnut Grove, North West, Bootle, L20 4LX | Mrs Angela Holleran | +44 1512886420

Bedford Primary School

Quarry Road, North West, Bootle, L20 9LJ | Mrs Ruth Braithwaite | +44 1519221467

Cambridge Nursery School

Cambridge Road, North West, Bootle, L20 9LQ | Mrs Debbie Clark | +44 1512825467

Christ Church Church of England Controlled Primary School

Brookhill Road, North West, Bootle, L20 3JL | Mrs J M Evans | +44 1519222136

Greenacre Community Nursery School

Province Place, North West, Bootle, L20 6PJ | Mrs Cathy Earley | +44 1519339115

Hillside High School

Breeze Hill, North West, Bootle, L20 9NU | Principal Amanda Ryan | +44 1515252630

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School

Poulsom Drive, North West, Bootle, L30 2NR | Mr Mathew Byrne | +44 1515257497

Linacre Primary School

Thornton Road, North West, Bootle, L20 5ED | Miss Caroline Wheatley | +44 1519221466

Netherton Moss Primary School

Swifts Lane, North West, Bootle, L30 3RU | Mrs Fiona Wood | +44 1515255026

Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Primary School

Stand Park Avenue, North West, Bootle, L30 3SA | Mrs Bernadette Shiels | +44 1515250395

Rowan Park School

Sterrix Lane, North West, Bootle, L21 0DB | Mrs Karen Lynskey | +44 1512224894

Savio Salesian College

Netherton Way, North West, Bootle, L30 2NA | Mrs Frances Harrison | +44 1515213088

Springwell Park Community Primary School

Menai Road, North West, Bootle, L20 6PG | Miss Tracy Webley | +44 1512886054

St Benedicts Catholic Primary School

Copy Lane, North West, Bootle, L30 7PG | Mr Michael Phillips | +44 1515266423

St Monicas Catholic Primary School

Aintree Road, North West, Bootle, L20 9EB | Mr Paul Kinsella | +44 1515251245

St Oswalds Church of England Primary School

Ronald Ross Avenue, North West, Bootle, L30 5RH | Miss Emma Murtagh | +44 1515254580

St Robert Bellarmine Catholic Primary School

Harris Drive, North West, Bootle, L20 6ED | Mrs Mairead O'neill -Dowell | +44 1519221216

The Grange Primary School

Stonyfield, North West, Bootle, L30 0QS | Mr Daniel RG Hains | +44 1519247917

The Hawthornes Free School

Fernhill Road, North West, Bootle, L20 6AQ | Mr Peter Gaul | +44 1519223798

Thomas Gray Primary School

Chestnut Grove, North West, Bootle, L20 4LX | Mrs R Rimmer | +44 1519223723

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