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List of Schools in Brampton town, North West, UK

Brampton School directory

Brampton Primary School

Sawmill Lane, North West, Brampton, CA8 1BZ | Mrs Sally Geary | +44 1697742158

Castle Carrock School

Castle Carrock, North West, Brampton, CA8 9LU | Ms Rebecca Stacey | +44 1228670393

Gilsland CofE Primary School

Gilsland, North West, Brampton, CA8 7AA | Mrs Lesley Winter | +44 1697747302

Hallbankgate Village School

Hallbankgate, North West, Brampton, CA8 2NJ | Miss Philippa Maleney | +44 1697746237

Hayton CofE Primary School

Hayton, North West, Brampton, CA8 9HR | Mrs Sue Lingard | +44 1228670491

Kirby Moor School

Longtown Road, North West, Brampton, CA8 2AB | Mrs Catherine Garton | +44 1697742598

Lanercost CofE Primary School

Lanercost, North West, Brampton, CA8 2HL | Mrs A Clarricoats | +44 169772702

Lees Hill CofE School

Lees Hill, North West, Brampton, CA8 2BB | Mrs Julia Dalgleish | +44 169772577

William Howard School

Longtown Road, North West, Brampton, CA8 1AR | Mr Chris McAree | +44 1697745700

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