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List of Schools in Kendal town, North West, UK

Kendal School directory

Appletree School

Natland, North West, Kendal, LA9 7QS | Mr Rob Davies | +44 1539560253

Cambian Whinfell School

110 Windermere Road, North West, Kendal, LA9 5EZ | Mr Christopher Constance | +44 1539723322

Castle Park School

Sedbergh Drive, North West, Kendal, LA9 6BE | Mrs Helen Richardson | +44 1539773633

Crosscrake CofE Primary School

Stainton, North West, Kendal, LA8 0LB | Mrs Linda Fletcher | +44 1539560410

Crosthwaite CofE School

Crosthwaite, North West, Kendal, LA8 8HT | Mr Matthew Jessop | +44 1539568471

Dean Gibson Catholic Primary School

Hawesmead Avenue, North West, Kendal, LA9 5HB | Mrs Sarah Tansey | +44 1539723363

Ghyllside Primary School

Gillinggate, North West, Kendal, LA9 4JB | Mr Huw Davies | +44 1539814930

Grayrigg CofE School

Grayrigg, North West, Kendal, LA8 9BU | Mrs Kirsty Cooper | +44 1539824676

Heron Hill Primary School

Hayfell Avenue, North West, Kendal, LA9 7JH | Mr Peter Hicks | +44 1539721276

Kendal Nursery School

Brantfield, North West, Kendal, LA9 4PH | Ms Alyssa Dobbs | +44 1539730800

Kirkbie Kendal School

Lound Road, North West, Kendal, LA9 7EQ | Mr Philip Hyman | +44 1539727422

Levens CofE School

Church Road Levens, North West, Kendal, LA8 8PU | Jane Farraday | +44 1539560694

Old Hutton CofE School

Old Hutton, North West, Kendal, LA8 0NQ | Mrs Andrea Walker | +44 1539732778

Sandgate School

Sandylands Road, North West, Kendal, LA9 6JG | Mr Daniel Hinton | +44 1539792100

Selside Endowed CofE Primary School

Selside, North West, Kendal, LA8 9LB | Mr Mark Squires | +44 1539823649

St Marks CofE Primary School

Oxenholme Lane, North West, Kendal, LA9 7QH | Mr Peter Barfoot | +44 1539560719

St Oswalds CofE Primary School

Howgill Close, North West, Kendal, LA9 6QR | Mrs Gill White | +44 1539738185

St Patricks CofE School

Gatebeck Road, North West, Kendal, LA8 0HH | Mrs Suzanne Edmondson | +44 1539567388

St Thomass CofE Primary School

Kendal Green, North West, Kendal, LA9 5PP | Mrs Maggie Cole | +44 1539737373

Staveley CofE School

Brow Lane, North West, Kendal, LA8 9PH | Mr M Foxwell | +44 1539821218

Stramongate Primary School

Blackhall Road, North West, Kendal, LA9 4BT | Mr Mike Poole | +44 1539725073

The Queen Katherine School

Appleby Road, North West, Kendal, LA9 6PJ | Mr Jon Hayes | +44 1539743900

Vicarage Park CofE Primary School

Vicarage Drive, North West, Kendal, LA9 5BP | Miss Julie Brookes | +44 1539735442

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