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List of Schools in Epsom town, South East, UK

Epsom School directory

Auriol Junior School

Vale Road, South East, Epsom, KT19 0PJ | Mrs Mandy McDowall | +44 2083934721

Blenheim High School

Longmead Road, South East, Epsom, KT19 9BH | Anthony Bodell | +44 1372745333

Danetree Primary School

Danetree Road, South East, Epsom, KT19 9SE | Mr James Broad | +44 2083936406

Downsend Pre Prep Epsom

6 Norman Avenue, South East, Epsom, KT17 3AB | Mrs Vanessa Conlan | +44 1372385438

Epsom and Ewell High School

Ruxley Lane, South East, Epsom, KT19 9JW | Mr Alex Russell | +44 2089740400

Epsom College

College Road, South East, Epsom, KT17 4JQ | Mr J A Piggot | +44 1372821000

Epsom Primary and Nursery School

Pound Lane, South East, Epsom, KT19 8SD | Mrs Emma Smith | +44 1372720608

Ewell Castle School

Church Street, South East, Epsom, KT17 2AW | Mr Peter Harris | +44 2083931413

Ewell Grove Infant and Nursery School

West Street, South East, Epsom, KT17 1UZ | Mrs Kate Keane | +44 2083934393

Glyn School

The Kingsway, South East, Epsom, KT17 1NB | Mr Phil Wheatley | +44 2087164949

Kingswood House School

56 West Hill, South East, Epsom, KT19 8LG | Mr P R Brooks | +44 1372723590

Meadow Primary School

Sparrow Farm Road, South East, Epsom, KT17 2LW | Ms G Jenkins | +44 2083934839

Riverview CofE Primary and Nursery School VA

Riverview Road, South East, Epsom, KT19 0JP | Mrs Mercy Atkins | +44 2083371245

Rosebery School

White Horse Drive, South East, Epsom, KT18 7NQ | Ms Ros Allen | +44 1372720439

Shawley Community Primary School

Shawley Way, South East, Epsom, KT18 5PD | Mr Christopher Gill | +44 1737350344

Southfield Park Primary School

Long Grove Road, South East, Epsom, KT19 8TF | Mrs Kate Ganpatsingh | +44 1372743104

St Christophers School

6 Downs Road, South East, Epsom, KT18 5HE | Mrs A C Thackray | +44 1372721807

St Clements Catholic Primary School

Fennells Mead, South East, Epsom, KT17 1TX | Mrs Christina Buckley | +44 2083938789

St Josephs Catholic Primary School

Rosebank, South East, Epsom, KT18 7RT | Miss Theresa M Kenefick | +44 1372727850

St Martins CofE Aided Infant School Epsom

Worple Road, South East, Epsom, KT18 7AA | Mr Anthony Marsh | +44 1372720337

St Martins CofE Aided Junior School

Ashley Road, South East, Epsom, KT18 7AD | Mr Anthony Marsh | +44 1372846930

Stamford Green Primary School

Christ Church Mount, South East, Epsom, KT19 8LU | Mrs Louise Druce | +44 1372725383

The Mead Infant School

Newbury Gardens, South East, Epsom, KT19 0QG | Jennifer Ashley | +44 2083930966

The Vale Primary School

84-92 Beaconsfield Road, South East, Epsom, KT18 6HP | Mrs Claire Regnard Mrs Sarah Leyland | +44 1372273639

Wallace Fields Infant School and Nursery

Wallace Fields, South East, Epsom, KT17 3AS | Miss N Mann | +44 2083940647

Wallace Fields Junior School

Dorling Drive, South East, Epsom, KT17 3BH | Mr Steve Lee | +44 2083930350

West Ewell Infant School and Nursery

Ruxley Lane, South East, Epsom, KT19 0UY | Mrs Mia Bennett | +44 2083932417

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