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List of Schools in Redhill town, South East, UK

Redhill School directory

Bletchingley Village Primary School

Coneybury, South East, Redhill, RH1 4PP | Mrs Stephanie Gibson | +44 1883743337

Chart Wood School

Taynton Drive, South East, Redhill, RH1 3PU | Mr Craig Anderson | +44 1737215488

Cornfield School

53 Hanworth Road, South East, Redhill, RH1 5HS | Mrs Jayne Telfer | +44 1737779578

Earlswood Infant and Nursery School

St John's Road, South East, Redhill, RH1 6DZ | Mrs Julie Chandler | +44 1737765125

Earlswood Junior School

Brambletye Park Road, South East, Redhill, RH1 6JX | Mrs Julie Chandler | +44 1737765125

Furzefield Primary School

Delabole Road, South East, Redhill, RH1 3PA | Mrs Susan Chrysanthou | +44 1737642842

Merstham Primary School

London Road South, South East, Redhill, RH1 3AZ | Mrs Nina Saunders | +44 1737643978

Nutfield Church CofE Primary School

59 Mid Street, South East, Redhill, RH1 4JJ | Miss Imogen Woods | +44 1737823239

Salfords Primary School

Copsleigh Avenue, South East, Redhill, RH1 5BQ | Martin Beard | +44 1737762940

St Bedes School

Carlton Road, South East, Redhill, RH1 2LQ | Mr Stephen Crabtree | +44 1737212108

St Johns Primary School

Pendleton Road, South East, Redhill, RH1 6QG | Mrs Liz Wombwell | +44 1737763804

St Josephs Catholic Primary School Redhill

Linkfield Lane, South East, Redhill, RH1 1DU | Mrs Elizabeth Walsh | +44 1737765373

St Matthews CofE Primary School

Linkfield Lane, South East, Redhill, RH1 1JF | Mrs Janet Lightfoot | +44 1737762080

The Hawthorns School

Pendell Court, South East, Redhill, RH1 4QJ | Mr Adrian Floyd | +44 1883743048

The Warwick School

Noke Drive, South East, Redhill, RH1 4AD | Mr Ronald Searle | +44 1737764356

Woodfield School

Sunstone Grove, South East, Redhill, RH1 3PR | Mrs Andrea Ashton-Coulton | +44 1737642623

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