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List of Schools in Camborne town, South West, UK

Camborne School directory

Camborne Nursery School

The Glebe, South West, Camborne, TR14 7DT | Emma Short | +44 1209713607

Camborne Science and International Academy

Cranberry Road, South West, Camborne, TR14 7PP | Mr Ian Kenworthy | +44 1209712280

Community And Hospital Education Service Ap Academy

4 East Pool, South West, Camborne, TR14 0HX | Dominic Black | +44 1209715079

Crowan Primary School

Moorfield, South West, Camborne, TR14 0LG | Mr Paul Hunkin | +44 1209831455

Kehelland Village School

Kehelland, South West, Camborne, TR14 0DA | Mr Geoff Smith | +44 1209713928

Penponds School

Higher Penponds, South West, Camborne, TR14 0QN | Mr Adam Richards | +44 1209713929

Rosemellin Community Primary School

Cliff View Road, South West, Camborne, TR14 8PG | Mr J S Peck | +44 1209712313

Roskear School

Roskear, South West, Camborne, TR14 8DJ | Mrs Tamsin Lamb | +44 1209714241

St Johns Catholic Primary School Camborne

Trevu Road, South West, Camborne, TR14 7AE | Miss Nichola Teixeira | +44 1209713944

St Meriadoc CofE Infant Academy

Rectory Road, South West, Camborne, TR14 7DW | Mrs Linda Stephens | +44 1209713982

St Meriadoc CofE Junior Academy

Cranfield Road, South West, Camborne, TR14 7PN | Mrs Bethan Anderson | +44 1209713436

Trevithick Learning Academy

Mount Pleasant Road, South West, Camborne, TR14 7RH | Mr Sean Powers | +44 1209713460

Troon Community Primary School

New Road, South West, Camborne, TR14 9ED | Mrs Julie Lamb | +44 1209714289

Weeth Community Primary School

Holman Avenue, South West, Camborne, TR14 7GA | Mrs N Furnish | +44 1209713934

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