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List of Schools in Crediton town, South West, UK

Crediton School directory

Bow Community Primary School

Station Road, South West, Crediton, EX17 6HU | Mrs Lesley Hodgson | +44 136382319

Cheriton Fitzpaine Primary School

Cheriton Fitzpaine, South West, Crediton, EX17 4AN | Mr John Jolliffe | +44 1363866456

Copplestone Primary School

Bewsley Hill, South West, Crediton, EX17 5NX | Mrs Angela Urquhart | +44 136384265

East Worlington Primary School

East Worlington, South West, Crediton, EX17 4TS | Mr Michael Johnson | +44 1884861722

Haywards Primary School

East Street, South West, Crediton, EX17 3AX | Mrs Emma Summerfield | +44 1363772970

Landscore Primary School

Threshers, South West, Crediton, EX17 3JH | Mr Andy Smith | +44 1363772018

Lapford Community Primary School

Eastington Road, South West, Crediton, EX17 6QE | Mr Michael Johnson | +44 136383292

Morchard Bishop Church of England Primary School

Church Street, South West, Crediton, EX17 6PJ | Mr Christopher Sargeant | +44 1363877328

Queen Elizabeths

Western Road, South West, Crediton, EX17 3LU | Rupert Poole | +44 1363773401

Sandford School

Sandford, South West, Crediton, EX17 4NE | Miss Lois Briard | +44 1363772256

Spreyton School

Spreyton, South West, Crediton, EX17 5AJ | Mr Steve Mellor | +44 1647231321

Yeoford Community Primary School

Yeoford, South West, Crediton, EX17 5HZ | Mr Peter Halford | +44 136384234

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