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List of Schools in Holsworthy town, South West, UK

Holsworthy School directory

Bradford Primary School

Bradford, South West, Holsworthy, EX22 7AB | Mr David Fitzsimmons | +44 1409281432

Bradworthy Primary Academy

Bradworthy, South West, Holsworthy, EX22 7RT | Mr Richard Stephenson | +44 1409241365

Bridgerule Church of England Primary School

Bridgerule, South West, Holsworthy, EX22 7EN | Mr David Fitzsimmons | +44 1288381366

Clawton Primary School

Clawton, South West, Holsworthy, EX22 6QN | Mr Chris Wright | +44 1409253618

Highgate Hill House School

Whitstone, South West, Holsworthy, EX22 6TJ | | +44 7765182948

Holsworthy Church of England Primary School

Sanders Lane, South West, Holsworthy, EX22 6HD | Mr Timothy Salvadori Paleotti | +44 1409253700

Holsworthy Community College

Victoria Hill, South West, Holsworthy, EX22 6JD | Mr David Fitzsimmons | +44 1409253430

Whitstone Community Primary School

Oak Lane, South West, Holsworthy, EX22 6TH | Mr Paul Woolner | +44 1288341241

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