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List of Schools in Okehampton town, South West, UK

Okehampton School directory

Boasley Cross Community Primary School

Bratton Clovelly, South West, Okehampton, EX20 4JH | Miss Lisa Paton | +44 1837871362

Bridestowe Primary School

Bridestowe, South West, Okehampton, EX20 4EL | Mrs Amy Lammas | +44 1837861361

Exbourne Church of England Primary School

Exbourne, South West, Okehampton, EX20 3SQ | Mrs Cherie Gilbert | +44 1837851205

Hatherleigh Community Primary School

South Street, South West, Okehampton, EX20 3JB | Mrs Caroline Boother | +44 1837810248

Lew Trenchard Church of England Primary School

Lewdown, South West, Okehampton, EX20 4DP | Mr Tim Woodward | +44 1566783273

Lydford Primary School

School Road, South West, Okehampton, EX20 4AU | Mrs Barbara Earnshaw | +44 1822820264

Northlew and Ashbury Parochial Church of England Primary School

Northlew, South West, Okehampton, EX20 3PB | Mr Hugh Lea | +44 1409221420

Okehampton College

Mill Road, South West, Okehampton, EX20 1PW | Mr Derrick Brett | +44 1837650910

Okehampton Primary School and Foundation Unit

Glendale Road, South West, Okehampton, EX20 1JB | Mrs Hazel Fox | +44 183752866

South Tawton Primary School

Tawton Lane, South West, Okehampton, EX20 2LG | Heather Pinner-Poustie | +44 1837840242

The Clinton Church of England Primary School

Merton, South West, Okehampton, EX20 3EQ | Mrs Zoe Brennan | +44 1805603357

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