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List of Schools in Penzance town, South West, UK

Penzance School directory

Alverton Primary School

Toltuff Crescent, South West, Penzance, TR18 4QD | Mr Martin Higgs | +44 1736364087

Cape Cornwall School

Cape Cornwall Street, South West, Penzance, TR19 7JX | Mrs Jan Woodhouse | +44 1736788501

Germoe Community Primary School

Germoe Lane, South West, Penzance, TR20 9QY | Mrs Paula Quinney | +44 1736763310

Gulval School

Gulval, South West, Penzance, TR18 3BJ | Mr Paul Baker | +44 1736364747

Heamoor Community Primary School

Bosvenna Way, South West, Penzance, TR18 3JZ | Helen Giblett | +44 1736364868

Humphry Davy School

Coombe Road, South West, Penzance, TR18 2TG | Mr William Marshall | +44 1736363559

Ludgvan School

Lower Quarter, South West, Penzance, TR20 8EX | Chris Mottram | +44 1736740408

Mounts Bay Academy

Boscathnoe Lane, South West, Penzance, TR18 3JT | Mrs Sara Davey | +44 1736363240

Mousehole Community Primary School

Foxes Lane, South West, Penzance, TR19 6QQ | Mr C Roynon | +44 1736731427

Nancealverne School

Madron Road, South West, Penzance, TR20 8TP | Dr Sarah Moseley | +44 1736365039

Nancledra School

Nancledra, South West, Penzance, TR20 8NB | Mr Rick Gill | +44 1736740409

Newlyn School

Carne Road, South West, Penzance, TR18 5QA | Mrs Alison Whitney | +44 1736363509

Pendeen School

Church Road, South West, Penzance, TR19 7SE | Mr Richard Larter | +44 1736788583

Pensans Primary School

Madron Road, South West, Penzance, TR20 8UH | Ms Angela Clay | +44 1736363627

Penwith Alternative Provision Academy

Penbrea Road, South West, Penzance, TR18 2AT | Ms Clare Barden | +44 1736332341

Sennen School

Sennen, South West, Penzance, TR19 7AW | Mr William Coleman | +44 1736871392

St Buryan Primary School

Rectory Road, South West, Penzance, TR19 6BB | Janet Pascoe | +44 1736810480

St Hilary School

School Lane, South West, Penzance, TR20 9DR | Mrs Kelley Butcher | +44 1736763324

St Just Primary School

Bosorne Road, South West, Penzance, TR19 7JU | Julie Larter | +44 1736788478

St Levan Primary School

The Bottoms, South West, Penzance, TR19 6HD | Ms Susannah Storey | +44 1736810486

St Madderns CofE School Madron

Bellair Road, South West, Penzance, TR20 8SP | Miss Helen Pearce | +44 1736364845

St Marys Catholic School Penzance

Peverell Road, South West, Penzance, TR18 2AT | Demelza Bolton | +44 1736330005

St Marys CofE Primary School Penzance

Redinnick Place, South West, Penzance, TR18 4HP | Mrs Hilary Tyreman | +44 1736363009

Trythall Community Primary School

New Mill, South West, Penzance, TR20 8XR | Matthew Strevens | +44 1736362021

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