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List of Schools in Newport town, West Midlands, UK

Newport School directory

Adams Grammar School

High Street, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 7BD | Mr Gary Hickey | +44 1952386300

Castle House School

Chetwynd End, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 7JE | Mr Mark Crewe-Read | +44 1952567600

Church Aston Infant School

Church Aston, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 9JN | Mrs Sue Cusack | +44 1952386390

Lilleshall Primary School

Limekiln Lane, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 9EY | Mrs Christobel Cousins | +44 1952388430

Moorfield Primary School

Wellington Road, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 7QU | Mr Ian Bussey | +44 1952386470

Newport Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School

Avenue Road, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 7EA | Mrs Nicola Moody | +44 1952386600

Newport Girls High School Academy Trust

Wellington Road, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 7HL | Mrs Rosamund Garner | +44 1952797550

Newport Infant School

Granville Avenue, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 7DX | Mrs Chris Pierce | +44 1952386610

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School

Coppice Drive, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 7HU | Mrs Stacey Beale | +44 1952386450

St Peters Church of England Controlled Primary School

Stackyard Lane, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 8JQ | Mrs Caroline Hawkins | +44 1952811692

The Burton Borough School

Audley Avenue, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 7DS | Ms Christine Carter | +44 1952386500

Tibberton Church of England Primary School

Off Maslan Crescent, West Midlands, Newport, TF10 8NN | Miss Helen Osterfield | +44 1952387790

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